From AppelWorks:  The Out-Wayne Homeless Services Coalition is releasing the template for the renewal project application that accompanies the RFP for the local funding competition portion of the FY 2017 HUD CoC NOFA for Out-Wayne County.  AppelWorks has updated the first component (Income & Employment) in the scoring criteria so an updated copy of the RFP is attached (see Exhibit A in the RFP for the scoring criteria).

The RFP also addresses new project applications (via bonus, reallocation and expansion options).  The new project application template will be released shortly.

Stakeholders are strongly encouraged to carefully read the RFP, the HUD NOFA for the FY 2017 CoC funding announcement, 24 CFR 578 and take advantage of additional resources listed on page 11 of this RFP for the strongest understanding of both the Coalition’s and HUD’s CoC Program priorities, scoring, and requirements.

There are three files available for download:

· The application template for renewal projects

· The RFP with all exhibits in PDF

· The RFP as a Word document but not including Exhibits C, D and E.

All renewal applicants should have received a copy of an APR generated from HMIS for January 1 through December 31, 2016.  If you did not receive the APR or have any questions about it, please email Christine Chapa at and cc myself at

Keep in mind the deadline for submission of applications to the Ranking Committee:

· Monday at 3pm on August 14th for renewal applications

· Thursday at 3pm on August 17th for new applications (via bonus, reallocation or expansion)

For any agencies contemplating reducing or eliminating an existing grant, utilizing the expansion option, or creating a new project through the permanent housing bonus or reallocation (if available), it would be helpful if you could let AppelWorks know as soon as possible by emailing information to me at

The AppelWorks Team wishes you good luck to have your project funded!

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