Out-Wayne County CoC Posts Consolidated Application for FY 2018 HUD CoC NOFA

The Out-Wayne County CoC is posting the Consolidated Application for the FY 2018 HUD CoC Program NOFA.  The Consolidated Application consists of two documents:

  • The CoC Application
  • The Priority Listing

The deadline for final submission of the Consolidated Application to HUD is 8pm ET on Tuesday, September 18th.  Wayne Metro will be submitting the Consolidated Application by close of business on Monday, September 17th.  If you have any comments or questions regarding the Consolidated Application, please send an email to Charlotte Carrillo at ccarrillo@waynemetro.org and Mitch Blum-Alexander at mitch@red-maple-resources.com.

Links to the documents for the Consolidated Application can be found here:

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