Note: A CoC meeting will be scheduled the week of July 18 to finalize CoC funding strategy.


July 5, 2016

To:                   CoC Chairperson, Coordinator

From:               Michelle Edwards, MSHDA Homeless Assistance Specialist

Re:                  2016-2017 Emergency Solution Grant Allocation

MSHDA will be awarding the Out-Wayne CoC Body $294,992 in Emergency Solution Grant funding. This is a $11,443 increase from last year.

PLEASE NOTE: The ESG Application will be available in the MATT 2.0 system on July 1, 2016.

The deadline date for the application to be submitted into MATT 2.0 is July 29, 2016.

If you can apply on Matt 2.0 prior to 7-29-16, please do so.  Applying earlier will allow not only your agency, but MSHDA Directors to sign the grant documents before October 1st. Remember that ESG grants cannot be billed against until both the Fiduciary and MSHDA have signed the grant documents, regardless of the grant start date.  For example; if your grant documents are signed October 15, 2016, you cannot bill MSHDA for any expenses incurred before that date.

A few points that MSHDA would like to emphasize in regard to important changes to this year’s NOFA (please see the ESG NOFA for details) are:

· A minimum of 40% of the total grant amount must be awarded to the HARA to be used for financial assistance and case management (both prevention and re-housing).

· A minimum of 20% of the 40% must be applied directly to RRH financial (leasing) assistance.

· The CoC must have or assign dedicated person(s) to oversee the Monthly Veterans Report and By-Name List.

  • Shelter funding includes shelter operations and shelter essential services, i.e., case management. Funding to shelters iscapped at 30% of the total grant amount. If a Planning/CoC Body has  shelters receiving over 30% of the total grant amount, this amount must be reduced 5% annually until the shelter operations/essential services cap of 30% is reached.

· Funding to the HARA must increase equal to or higher than the highest percent increase given to any sub-grantee.

· The HARA must have or assign dedicated staff to oversee the HCV Homeless Preference waiting list.

· ESG DV dollars have been turned over to DHHS. CoC bodies cannot allocate any of their award money to DV agencies to administer.

· No grants will be awarded to sub-grantees under $10,000.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this funding allocation notice, please feel free to contact me.

We appreciate all of the work you continue to do to end homelessness in the state of Michigan, and please know that your ongoing efforts in this cause do not go unnoticed.

Thank you and have a great day!

Michelle Edwards

Homeless Assistance Specialist, Regions 6 & 10

Rental Assistance and Homeless Solutions

Michigan State Housing Development Authority

Ph: 517-241-1156 * Fx: 517-241-3372

For information about MSHDA and social networking, visit

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